Is Rhodiola Rosea a Nootropic? – Does it give You Energy?

Is Rhodiola Rosea a Nootropic - Woman Holding Ball of Energy

Rhodiola rosea has been used to resist mental and physical fatigue since the time of the Vikings! It’s also well known for providing stress protection at the same time, which makes it an herbal adaptogen. But is rhodiola rosea a nootropic?  If we look at current research in this area, does it qualify as a … Read more

Does Ginkgo Biloba Help Memory?

Does Ginkgo Biloba Help Memory - Man trying to Remember

How often do you feel like a deer in headlights when somebody asks you a question? Be honest.  It happens more frequently than you want to admit, doesn’t it? You’re not alone.  Memory loss is a common issue as we age, and can also be caused by chronic stress. In fact, younger folks are experiencing … Read more

What is Ashwagandha for? – Can it Reduce Stress?

What is Ashwagandha for - Stressed Man Sitting on Tree Trunk in Park

So what is ashwagandha for anyway?  Can it help relieve stress?  Is it a nootropic? We all know that stress can have a negative impact on our cognitive abilities. In fact, long term exposure to stress hormones like Cortisol can actually change the structure of your brain. The pace the world runs at today is … Read more

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