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I’m Michael Stevin, and I’m SO HAPPY you’re here!

I started the nootropics coach to help you find the best nootropics for optimal performance.

What are nootropics?

If you’re reading this, you might already have a good idea, but the basic definition is;

‘A compound that improves cognitive function with virtually no side effects’.

It’s really that simple!

However, not everybody knows about nootropics, so don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of them before; you’re definitely not the only one!

So what’s the big deal?  What’s all the hype about?

Why is Everyone Talking about Nootropics Now?

When the movie ‘Limitless’ came out in 2011, nootropics started to become a little more mainstream.

Bradley Cooper played a character in the movie who was really struggling, until he got his hands on an experimental drug called NZT.

NZT made him a genius overnight, and changed his life.

Obviously, these kinds of results are impossible, but people CAN improve their brain function significantly with the right supplements.

Since ‘Limitless’ came out, the nootropics industry has exploded!

Now everyone is looking for a ‘magic bullet’ like NZT.

About Michael - Magic Bullet

There are SO MANY products available on the market now!

It’s absolutely overwhelming!

Why Use Nootropics? – What’s the Advantage?

Generally speaking, I think the big draw with nootropics is the ability to explore your own potential.

But that’s certainly not the ONLY motivation for taking them; it really depends on your situation, and personal goals.

These are some of the more common reasons:

  • Personal Improvement
  • Gain a Competitive Edge
  • Eliminate ‘Brain Fog’
  • Disease Prevention
  • Managing Certain Disorders

Some people want to be a better version of themselves, maximize their performance at work or school, or just be more alert throughout the day.

Certain nootropics have also been found useful in helping with symptoms of diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Common disorders like ADHD, social anxiety, and depression can also be managed more effectively with the use of the right nootropics.

How to use Nootropics Safely – Guidelines

There has been some debate around whether or not nootropics are safe, and I wanted to address the ‘Elephant in the Room’.

Nootropics are available as prescription medications, performance enhancing compounds, and herbal supplements.

They’re safe to use as long as you follow the recommendations for dosages and proper usage.

Personally, I think of nootropics as a new class of multi-vitamin.

The main difference is their focus; instead of enhancing physical health, they improve cognitive function.

Clearly, anybody planning on using nootropics to help with a serious medical condition should work with their doctor, or another medical professional.

When in doubt, ask lots of questions, and do lots of research.

Start with dosages smaller than recommended, and adjust as you see fit.

Please keep in mind, The Nootropics Coach is designed to provide useful guidelines based on clinical research, not medical advice.

I’m happy to share my knowledge and experience to help you, but you need to make smart decisions, and own them.

Why I take Nootropics – Skeptic turned Advocate

I used to be the kind of guy who wouldn’t even take a simple painkiller for a headache.

I didn’t want to put any chemicals in my body.

Then my hand was forced…

I found out that I have inattentive ADD, and the best way to manage it is to take either prescription medications, nootropics, or both.

You can improve your mental health significantly by sleeping better, exercising regularly, eating well, and using meditation.

But ADHD and ADD are medical conditions; you can’t just make better lifestyle choices and expect the symptoms to go away.

The bottom line is this, I tried prescription medications to manage my condition, and I felt like my body was being violated.

I tried nootropics as an alternative, and found that they were just as effective, and healthier for me in the long run.

There were some choices I had to make along the way, and I relied on my doctor to guide me.

But in the end, nootropics were the best solution.

Types of Nootropics – What are Your Options?

The way I see it, there are 3 major classes of nootropics:

  1. Herbal
  2. Natural
  3. Synthetic

The herbals are self-explanatory, but the ‘Natural’ compounds deserve a bit of explanation.

Natural compounds are present in our bodies.  They can either be naturally sourced, or produced in a lab, just like vitamins.

Supplementing with them can improve different aspects of our cognitive performance.

A good example would be choline, which is an important precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

Sure, we get some choline from the foods we eat, but not nearly enough to boost our cognition.  So, we take it as a supplement.

Synthetics are a bit of a two-edged sword in my opinion; they tend to be great performance enhancers, but can also have some significant side effects.

How to Navigate The Nootropics Coach Website

The articles I’ve written for you have been organized into 5 main categories:

  1. General Interest
  2. Herbal Nootropics
  3. Natural Nootropics
  4. Synthetic Nootropics
  5. Product Reviews

You can also use the “Search” bar at the top of any page or post if you want to find something specific.

If you wanted to know how ginseng works as a nootropic, for example, you could just type in ‘ginseng’ and hit enter.

All the articles that mention ginseng in their titles or content will show up for you, with the most relevant item showing up first.


Other Important Concerns – Why Should You Trust Me?

I should also mention a few other aspects of this site that are available to you:

  • About Michael Stevin
  • Affiliate Disclosure
  • Privacy Policy

There’s a short bio about me that explains why I run this site, and how important I believe nootropics can be to helping people.

The affiliate disclosure goes over how I can make small commissions if my readers use the links on this site to make purchases.

The cost of the products is always the same, and using the links can be your way of letting me know that you got a lot of value out of reading my articles.

Finally, there’s the privacy statement.

Basically, I can’t collect your private information without a really good reason, and I don’t want to.

I really value my own privacy, and I respect yours by running this site in a very conscientious way.

The way I see it, you shouldn’t have to worry about someone stalking you online.  There’s even an ‘Opt-out’ there for Google Analytics if you want to use it.

The Nootropics Coach – Final Commentary

At it’s heart, this website is designed to provide you with useful background knowledge, and honest feedback about supplements that may prove useful to you.

This is a passion project that I pursue in my spare time, and I really want you to enjoy visiting this site, whatever your goals might be.

I’ll be paying special attention to the best nootropics for ADHD, because it’s an issue that close to my heart.

You might also notice that I spend more time covering herbal and natural nootropics rather than synthetic compounds.

(That’s just a reflection of my personal preferences, for you, as well as myself)

There’s always some trial and error involved with finding the best nootropics for your personal situation.

However, I’m sure that I can help you find what you’re looking for, and you won’t have to spend as much time or money doing it.

Like I said, there are so many nootropic supplements out there now.  Interest in nootropics is growing, and it’s very easy to get lost!

Finally, if you have any questions or want to share your thoughts on a particular topic, you are more than welcome to leave comments at the bottom of each post.

In fact, I highly encourage you to do so!

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope to hear from you soon!




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