Is Sage a Nootropic? – Or just a Culinary Herb?

Is Sage a Nootropic - Sage Plant

Surprise! You probably never thought a herb as common as sage could improve your brain function. The truth is, sage has been working double duty as a spice and a medicinal plant for many moons. Sage is known to help increase circulation, reduce body pains, improve digestion, and treat respiratory illnesses. However, recent research has … Read more

What’s the Best Nootropic for Athletes? – Performance Lab Energy Review

What's the Best Nootropic for Athletes - Bottle of Performance Lab Energy Nootropic Supplement

Professional athletes are always looking for a way to enhance their performance; to gain an advantage over their competition; to be the best. But what if you’re not an elite athlete? What if you’re like me, and you just want to stay fit to enjoy your life without getting sick, or losing mobility? Either way, … Read more

Is Alpha Lipoic Acid a Nootropic? – What can it do?

Is Alpha Lipoic Acid a Nootropic - Brain Inside a Lit Lightbulb

You may have heard of Alpha-Lipoic Acid before, even if you’re not that interested in nootropics. ALA has an impressive list of health benefits. It can improve your skin, prevent heart disease, and help with neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s. ALA is a very potent antioxidant, and has the ability to rejuvenate other anti-inflammatory agents as … Read more

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