Is Noocube a Scam? – Does it Work?

Is Noocube a Scam - Open Bottle of Noocube

I like cheering for the underdog. I’ve read some of the reviews already written about Noocube, and I’ve noticed that they’re either raving about how great it is, or knocking it down in some way. In this review, I’d like to offer you something objective and factual.  I’ll provide my opinion as well, but I’m … Read more

What is Lion’s Mane Mushroom good for?

What is Lion's Mane Mushroom Good for - Wikimedia file - attributed to Henk Monster - cropped - Hericeum Erinaceus growing on tree

I would like to say that Lion’s Mane Mushroom is such a great natural nootropic that it’s a ‘magic mushroom’, but that might give some people the wrong idea. Let’s just say that it’s a ‘miracle mushroom’ instead, shall we? So what is Lion’s Mane Mushroom good for? Lion’s Mane Mushroom is revered within the … Read more

What are The Health Benefits of Oat Straw Extract?

The Health Benefits of Oat Straw Extract - Green Oats

“Go forth and sow your wild oats, my son!”, my Dad used to say when I was a teenager. This well known catchphrase refers to some of the benefits of eating oats. The answer to easing my troubled mind was probably sitting in our pantry, if only I had known about it at the time. … Read more

What is Tyrosine Good for? – Can it Help ADHD?

What is Tyrosine Good for - Stressed Man Multitasking at Work

What is tyrosine good for? Tyrosine is best known as a performance enhancer. When taken as a dietary supplement, it can be used by the brain to produce neurotransmitters. This naturally results in sharper mental focus, better memory, enhanced multitasking ability, and improved mood. In a nutshell, tyrosine augments short-term memory and motivation; what is … Read more

How does Turmeric Help the Brain? – Isn’t it just a Spice?

How does Turmeric Help the Brain - Turmeric Root and Powder

Turmeric is best known as the main ingredient in curry powder. However, it can do so much more than provide flavor and color to our favorite Indian dishes.  It also has numerous health benefits. Ayurvedic practitioners have been recommending Turmeric for skin conditions, digestive issues, and body pains for more than 6,000 years! If we … Read more

Is L-Theanine good for Social Anxiety?

Is L-Theanine Good for Social Anxiety - Woman Hiding Under Bed Sheet

Are you afraid of certain social situations?  Do you routinely avoid them? If these behaviors are having a negative effect on your quality of life, you might be dealing with social anxiety. And you’re not alone. Social anxiety is one of the most common anxiety disorders, with an estimated 15 million people in the United … Read more

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