Is Sage a Nootropic?

Is Sage a Nootropic - Sage Plant

Is sage a nootropic?  This article explores how sage could potentially improve your brain function. You probably never thought a herb as common as sage could be both a spice and a medicine at the same time. The truth is, sage has been working double duty like this for many moons. Just for starters, sage … Read more

Is Black Pepper a Nootropic?

Is Black Pepper a Nootropic - Peppercorns in a Scooper

The short answer to this question is yes. Surprisingly, black pepper provides a lot of benefits to human brain function. Sprinkling some pepper onto your food isn’t going to have nootropic effects, though.  You have to supplement with an extract for that. The active ingredient in black pepper is called ‘Piperine’, and that’s what we’ll … Read more

What does Pine Bark Extract do? – Can it Help ADHD?

What does Pine Bark Extract do - Pinus Pinaster Close to Ocean

This might be a Canadian thing, but have you ever wondered how beavers can survive on nothing but tree bark? Well, they could be onto something after all! But how did humans ever discover that pine bark extract is good for our health?  And what does pine bark extract do anyway? Pine bark extracts have … Read more

Is Ginseng a Nootropic? – What’s the Best Type for You?

Is Ginseng a Nootropic - Hands Forming a Yin Yang Symbol with Fire and Ice

Generally speaking, ginseng is one of the most potent ‘Cure-Alls’ we know of today, with an amazing capacity to improve our health. But how much does it improve brain function?  Is Ginseng a nootropic, or just a useful herb? This article also looks at the differences between Asian Ginseng and American Ginseng. You may prefer one … Read more

What is Lion’s Mane Mushroom good for?

What is Lion's Mane Mushroom Good for - Wikimedia file - attributed to Henk Monster - cropped - Hericeum Erinaceus growing on tree

I would like to say that Lion’s Mane Mushroom is such a great natural nootropic that it’s a ‘magic mushroom’, but that might give some people the wrong idea. Let’s just say that it’s a ‘miracle mushroom’ instead, shall we? So what is Lion’s Mane Mushroom good for? Lion’s Mane Mushroom is revered within the … Read more

What are The Health Benefits of Oat Straw Extract?

The Health Benefits of Oat Straw Extract - Green Oats

“Go forth and sow your wild oats, my son!”, my Dad used to say when I was a teenager. This well known catchphrase refers to some of the benefits of eating oats. The answer to easing my troubled mind was probably sitting in our pantry, if only I had known about it at the time. … Read more

How does Turmeric Help the Brain? – Isn’t it just a Spice?

How does Turmeric Help the Brain - Turmeric Root and Powder

Turmeric is best known as the main ingredient in curry powder. However, it can do so much more than provide flavor and color to our favorite Indian dishes.  It also has numerous health benefits. Ayurvedic practitioners have been recommending Turmeric for skin conditions, digestive issues, and body pains for more than 6,000 years! If we … Read more

What is Bacopa Monnieri Good for? – Can it Help with ADHD?

What is Bacopa Monnieri Good for - Bacopa Monnieri in Pot

So what is bacopa monnieri good for?  How much do we know about it? Quite a bit, actually, on both counts. Bacopa monnieri has traditionally been used in Ayurvedic medicine as a nerve tonic, as well as to enhance cognitive function. Written records of bacopa being used for neurological deficits date back to around 600AD. … Read more

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