What are the Best B Vitamins for Energy?

The Best B Vitamins for Energy - Electric Brain

So what are the best B vitamins for energy? There are so many of them. It can be hard to tell which ones to supplement with, what dosages are needed to provide benefits, and how much of each is safe to use. Another important question to answer is, how do they work? Why does the … Read more

Is Noopept Bad?

Is Noopept Bad - Man Looking Ashamed

Is noopept bad? A lot of people seem to think it’s addictive or habit forming. The short answer to your question is no. I’ve taken noopept as a part of the Awaken Gold nootropic supplement, and I thought it worked pretty well. In fact, I would say that noopept is a great nootropic with tons … Read more

What does Pine Bark Extract do?

What does Pine Bark Extract do - Pinus Pinaster Close to Ocean

So what does pine bark extract do? How did humans ever discover that it can be good for our health? Basically, pine bark extracts have been found to be extremely rich in polyphenols, which have numerous benefits. As a nootropic, pine bark extracts are known for improving learning ability, working memory, attention, and decision making. … Read more

Is Ginseng a Nootropic?

Is Ginseng a Nootropic - Hands Forming a Yin Yang Symbol with Fire and Ice

Generally speaking, ginseng is one of the most potent ‘Cure-Alls’ we know of today. But is ginseng a nootropic? How much does it improve brain function?  Furthermore, is any one kind of ginseng more effective than another? This article also looks at the differences between Asian ginseng and American ginseng. You may prefer one over … Read more

Phosphatidylserine and Sleep – What’s the Connection?

Best Supplements for Neuroplasticity - Glowing Brain Structure Supported by Hand

How does PS help us improve our brain function? Furthermore, what is the connection between phosphatidylserine and sleep? In a nutshell, it’s because PS is a raw ingredient needed for the growth of new cells, including brain cells. This means that PS is excellent for improving overall brain health. However, PS is far from being … Read more

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