What is a Good Supplement for Brain Health? – Uridine

What is a Good Supplement for Brain Health - Model Brain Surrounded by Medical Crosses

What is a good supplement for brain health? Is there a nutrient or substance we can include in our diet that allows our minds to function better? Yes, I believe there is, and it’s called ‘uridine’. Let’s dig a little deeper and find out what makes uridine so special, shall we? Uridine is a natural … Read more

Is Black Pepper a Nootropic?

Is Black Pepper a Nootropic - Peppercorns in a Scooper

Is black pepper a nootropic? Can it actually help improve our mental function? Surprisingly, the short answer to this question is yes. However, sprinkling some pepper onto your food isn’t going to provide any beneficial effects, though.  You have to supplement with an extract for that. Perhaps an equally important question is, if black pepper … Read more

Is Phenylethylamine a Nootropic?

Is Phenylethylamine a Nootropic - College Student Struggling to Focus on Studying

What is phenylethylamine, or PEA? More importantly, is phenylethylamine a nootropic? Basically, PEA is best known as Nature’s, “love drug”. It’s responsible for the feelings of euphoria we experience when we eat chocolate. PEA does in fact have some great benefits. Research has shown that it improves attention control, encourages creative flow states, and enhances sociability. Essentially, … Read more

Is PQQ a Nootropic?

Space Shuttle Atlantis in Orbit

What is PQQ? Is it a vitamin? Is it another kind of nutrient? And most important of all, is PQQ a nootropic? Well, for starters, I can tell you what we know. PQQ was first discovered accidentally in some space dust on a NASA shuttle. Ironically, it was later discovered that it’s also in the … Read more

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