What is a Good Supplement for Brain Health? – Uridine

What is a Good Supplement for Brain Health - Model Brain Surrounded by Medical Crosses

What is a good supplement for brain health? Why did I choose uridine?  Why not fish oil, or choline? I’m not saying uridine is the only good supplement for brain health.  That would be ridiculous. What I am saying is that after looking at all the nootropics I know of that can boost brain power, … Read more

Is Black Pepper a Nootropic?

Is Black Pepper a Nootropic - Peppercorns in a Scooper

The short answer to this question is yes. Surprisingly, black pepper provides a lot of benefits to human brain function. Sprinkling some pepper onto your food isn’t going to have nootropic effects, though.  You have to supplement with an extract for that. The active ingredient in black pepper is called ‘Piperine’, and that’s what we’ll … Read more

Is Phenylethylamine a Nootropic? – Can it Help ADHD?

Is Phenylethylamine a Nootropic - College Student Struggling to Focus on Studying

Do you know someone with ADHD, or have someone close to you struggling with depression? Today I’ll be talking about a compound that’s naturally present in our brains, and might be able to help: phenylethylamine. But first we’ll have to decide whether phenylethylamine, or PEA for short, can make the grade as a tried and … Read more

Is PQQ a Nootropic?

Space Shuttle Atlantis in Orbit

PQQ is a mysterious substance. It was first discovered in space dust, but we later found out it’s in the food we eat, and the soil we grow it in. You might be thinking, if it’s so common, what makes it so special? Recent research has shown that PQQ is a very potent antioxidant that can … Read more

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